Accommodation in Arcachon

During the French Second Empire, sea bathing became popular and fashionable sea resorts appeared on the map. The Pereire brothers, affluent bankers originating from Bordeaux, obtained from Napoleon III the set up of Arcachon as a specific district to be developed on the Atlantic coast West of Bordeaux. By the same token, they will get the authorization to build the Bordeaux to Arcachon railway line. In the 1860s, huge villas to be rented and colonial style public buildings are erected on the former sand dunes. Arcachon will soon become a renowned destination for the European bourgeoisie and aristocracy. The oceanic quality of air mixed with the scent of the vast pine tree forests qualify the young city as an anti tuberculosis centre and will attract affluent patients from the whole of Europe, for decades. The Ville d´Hiver would accommodate them and be a place where they can expect to be medically treated and, at the same time, carry on with their very society life.

Villa Bacon appears on the first city map of 1865. Refurbished in 1914, the house has subsequently been turned into o co-ownership, as many of the left unoccupied big Napoleon III villas. Its location is prime, with spectacular views and mature trees on its grounds.

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The flat occupies half of the first floor of this villa of six accommodation units and has extensive views on three sides, together with a sheltered car space on the villa grounds . Light, views, high ceilings, beautiful wooden floors and marble fire places emphasize a family house atmosphere. So does its Louis Philippe and Belle Epoque furniture. Three large bedrooms, one of which has far views on the bay and a small terrace, circle the big living/dining area. All bedrooms are furnished with antic 54´´ or 48´´ beds but the bedding itself is comfortable and of a very high standard. Two sofa beds can also be used. The kitchen and bathroom are fully equipped and functional.

Start your day having breakfast on the above mentioned small terrace. Then, you can choose to walk around the Ville d´Hiver to discover its beautiful architecture and listed villas, or to visit the numerous quaint shops that Arcachon has to offer and then to relax on the central sand beaches and go for a swim. Walking or cycling will be the best way to move around the town centre and the nearby beaches. Take your car, though, to visit Le Pyla or the oceanic beaches, or the sea shuttles for a day out across the bay. Then, back to the peaceful Ville d´Hiver, enjoy a well deserved drink on the terrace and watch the sun goes down. All year round, this sight is just spectacular!

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